Shortage of electricity and gas: a double risk to be addressed

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27 Oct, 2022

Media publications about possible electricity blackouts and gas shortages oscillate between pessimism and voluntarism. Will our economy be seriously impacted in the event of regular load shedding during the coming winter? One thing is certain, we cannot remain inactive in the face of this problem and must prepare for it. We have therefore found a reliable partner to support you on these issues. Grégoire Mottier, our risk management specialist, introduces you to Planair.

In order not to ride the “business of fear” and to provide companies with an appropriate response and support, Loyco has therefore decided to use Planair, an efficient company in terms of support and acting ethically towards the real needs of organisations and businesses.

Planair services: analysis, strategy and action plan

This engineering firm has been providing energy and environmental advice for more than 35 years and aims to support companies, public authorities and private individuals towards sustainability, in particular through renewable energies and energy sobriety. Companies can contact them for the following services in particular:

  • Basic analysis of consumption data (if necessary monitoring of large consumers)
  • Site visits to target energy-intensive equipment and propose realistic consumption reduction measures
  • Establish a reduction strategy for short and long term quotas
  • Propose a quota action plan with a minimum and maximum restriction scenario
  • Implementation of an online monitoring tool to easily verify the achievement of the quota objective

In case of interest, Fabrice Marchal, our contact at Planair, can be contacted directly:

What is the nature of our partnership?

As part of our Risk management services, we will now refer our clients to Planair but work with them independently from a financial point of view. Loyco is therefore not remunerated in any way during Planair’s interventions with our clients.

Why Planair?

Planair is a French-speaking company with which we share strong common values. Indeed, this company, particularly active in the field of energy transition and ISO 14001 certified (Environmental management), offers a general approach orientated towards a credible policy in terms of sustainable development, which is in line with our own commitments in terms of sustainability.

Your contacts

At Loyco: Grégoire Mottier, Head of Risk management,
Chez Planair: Fabrice Marchal, Head of the industry group at Planair,

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