Looking back on the Caribana, a human and committed festival

7 Jul, 2022

Relive with us the 2022 edition of Caribana, a festival that is committed to making the event both enjoyable for its audience and respectful for our planet. Before letting you immerse yourself in our short video recap, here are a few words about this festival that is close to our hearts and its commitments.

From the moment we laid our first stones, the Caribana was a project whose values and objectives particularly appealed to us. The Caribana is a festival on a human scale and accessible, which has at heart the support of local culture and the protection of our beautiful planet. It is therefore since 2014 that the month of June is synonymous for us with evenings filled with: music, fun, sharing and all this lakeside!😊

Once more, we were able to enjoy several evenings with our clients, in the exceptional setting of a lounge, which ended with an in-house party between Loycomates that will be remembered for a long time. But, as we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, we have prepared a short recap of the evening on video!


Immersion in the 2022 edition of the Caribana

A festival that is committed

As we all know, the health crisis has had and continues to have strong impacts on different circles. The Swiss cultural universe has been hit hard and many players have been forced to quickly reinvent themselves.

Faced with this situation, the Caribana has decided to put its commitments and its contribution to sustainable development at the heart of their reflections by creating the “Caribana We Care”: a brand that values their environmental and social impacts. With the help of various actions implemented around and within the festival, the Caribana wishes to move towards carbon neutrality from 2022.During the development of this brand which carries all of their commitments, both environmental and social , we had the opportunity to accompany the festival in the realisation of their sustainable development file as well as in the construction of the verbal identity.

More concretely for festival-goers, the “We Care” experience begins at the time of ticket acquisition where it is possible to participate up to an additional CHF 5 per ticket in order to offset your carbon footprint. On the way to the festival, you can discover that a PubliBike network system is available to pedal your way to the edge of the lake. Inside the Caribana, you will find returnable dishes, a waste sorting system, wooden infrastructure that replaces plastic and many other details that aim to reduce the impact of the festival.


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