Privacy policy


Loyco SA (hereafter « Loyco ») is a company with its seat at 8 rue Jacques-Grosselin, 1227 Carouge – Geneva, Switzerland.

Loyco is committed to respect your privacy and to comply with the provisions of the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This privacy policy describes how Loyco collects, uses, transfers and retains the Personal Data (as defined below under section 1.1) when using our services (“Services”) and/or website (« Website ») and/or platform (the “Platform”) and informs you on your rights (hereafter the « Privacy Policy »). If you have a question or request, please send us an email at the following address :

This Privacy Policy is separate and in addition to client confidentiality obligations we may owe you. Please refer to our terms and conditions, applicable to your engagement, for further details on confidentiality.

By using our Services and Website, you expressly agree that Loyco collect and process your Personal Data (as defined below), pursuant to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

1. The information we collect

1.1 Personal Data

The data collected by Loyco includes all information necessary for Loyco to carry out its contractual and legal obligations (“Personal Data”):

  • Personal identification information, including: first name, family name, date of birth, gender, address, email, telephone numbers, nationality, citizenship, residency, identity documents. The Personal Data includes any document that you provide to us, such as a copy of your passport;
  • Information on relevant family members and business relationships;
  • Education, professional qualifications, employment and professional information, references;
  • Salary and tax data;
  • Health data;
  • Banking details;
  • Information collected by our Website as described below (see section 1.3).

1.2 Sources

Personal Data is collected at different times and from different sources:

  • When you or your organisation/company contact us to contemplate or engage our services;
  • Information gathered through our team in the framework of contractual obligations;
  • Through email, fax or telephone communications;
  • Our Website.

1.3 Cookies, tracking and other similar techniques

1.3.1 In order to optimize your experience on the Website, cookies and similar tracking techniques may be used. These are small files that are saved on the web browser and that store certain configurations and data in the web browser to exchange them with Loyco’s system. These are not used under any circumstances to store your Personal Data.

You may refuse the use of cookies in the settings of your web browser. Your attention is drawn to the fact that by disabling their use, you may not have access to the Website’s functions in full.

1.3.2 The Website uses Google Analytics, which is a service provided by Google Inc. . located in the United States of America. . Google Analytics is a tool which analyses the use of the Website. This tool may use cookies to collect anonymous information and generate reports in usage statistics of the Website without the User being personally identifiable by Google. The information produced by these cookies (including the User’s IP address) can be sent to, and stored on, Google’s servers in the United States of America. Google observes the data protection requirements of the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks and is registered with the US Department of Commerce’s Privacy Shield program. If the User does not wish Google Analytics to record the User’s visit data, the User can install a browser add-on to disable Google Analytics.

1.3.3 You are further informed that the Website also uses other third parties services like the above-mentioned Google Analytics such as Mix Panel, Hotjar and others.

By using the Website, you declare to consent to the data processing by Google, Google Analytics, Mix Panel, Hotjar and others of the data collected regarding you, in accordance with the aforementioned and Google’s privacy policy. You acknowledge that Loyco does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for this process.

1.3.4 The Website may use social plugins for various social network websites (hereinafter referred to as “Social network”), such as (operated by Facebook, Inc.), (operated by Twitter, Inc.) and (operated by Google, Inc.) (hereinafter referred to as the “Plugin(s)”). When the User visits a website that contain Plugins, the User’s browser will directly connect to the servers of the respective Social network. The content of the Plugin is directly transmitted to the User’s browser from each Social network and is integrated into the Website. By integrating the Plugin, the Social network receives the information that the User has visited the Website.
If you are logged on a Social network, it can associate your visit to the account of the respective Social network. If you interact with the Plugin, the corresponding information from your browser is directly sent to the respective Social network and stored there.

For more information on the purpose and scope of data collection and further processing and use of data by the respective Social network as well as your rights and ways to protect your privacy, please see the privacy policy of the respective Social network.

2. Why we collect and process your Personal Data

The Personal Data collected and processed by LOYCO may be used to:
(i) Contact you;
(ii) Identify you;
(iii) Perform our contractual duties regarding you or your organisation/company and in this framework provide third parties or authorities with relevant information;
(iv) Conduct administrative or operational processes within Loyco;
(v) Process and respond to requests, enquiries or complaints received from you or someone within your organisation/company;
(vi) Manage and administer your or your organisation/company’s business relationship with Loyco, including processing payments and billing;
(vii) Comply with any legal obligation where Loyco is required to process the Personal Data, such as keeping records for legal purposes (tax, corporate);
(viii) Provide, monitor and improve Loyco’s services;
(ix) Send newsletters and marketing material;
(x) Monitor the use of the Website;
(xi) Comply with any requests of or duties towards governmental authorities, law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies or courts;
(xii) Establish, exercise or defend the legal rights of Loyco or for the purposes of legal proceedings;
(xiii) For any other legitimate business purpose or overriding interest of Loyco.

3. Sharing of information, access and transfers

3.1 Access by LOYCO

The management and employees of Loyco may access your Personal Data to comply with Loyco’s contractual and legal duties.

3.2 Access by third parties, authorities and governmental bodies

In order to perform its contractual obligations, Loyco must communicated Personal Data to third parties, authorities and governmental bodies (in relation notably to insurance and tax matters) in Switzerland, including sensitive data such as health data if necessary. You hereby agree to such transfer.

3.3 Access by service providers, business partners and others

You hereby expressly authorise Loyco to use service providers and to delegate certain tasks (such as IT services and infrastructure, server location, maintenance and other services) to third parties. You further expressly authorise Loyco to transfer Personal Data to third parties in the event of a merger, sale, liquidation or transfer of all or a portion of LOYCO’s assets. This implies that Personal Data may be communicated to such companies outside Switzerland.

In this context, you are hereby informed that certain jurisdictions do not have legislation providing an appropriate level of protection within the meaning of the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection. If the User’s Personal Data has to be shared with such companies and the other conditions of the DPA and/or GDPR are not met, LOYCO will request your consent.

Loyco shall in no event sell your Personal Data to third parties.

3.4 Compliance with applicable laws and requests by authorities ; overriding interests of Loyco

LOYCO may transfer Personal Data to third parties such as local or foreign governmental authorities, law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies or courts, when such transfer is reasonably necessary to comply with provisions of the law or a mandatory legal request or to protect an overriding interest of LOYCO.

4. Storage and Security

Your Personal Data is entered into our electronic systems and paper files that are processed and stored physically and electronically on servers located in Switzerland.

We take all reasonable and necessary measures to ensure that your Personal Data is processed and stored securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. . Loyco implements appropriate administrative, technical and physical measures which are reasonably necessary to protect the confidentiality, the integrity and the availability of your Personal Data.

5. Retaining of Personal Data

We retain your Personal Data as long as necessary for the purposes mentioned above, to provide our Services and to satisfy our contractual and legal obligations (such as reporting or accounting obligations).

If the Personal Data is no longer required for the execution of our contractual duties, it will be returned or deleted unless such data is necessary to implement a legal duty, in particular retention duties pursuant to tax or commercial law. This includes in particular the Swiss code of obligations, the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act, the Swiss VAT Act, and Swiss tax law.

Personal Data collected from cookies and other tracing or analytic data, plugins, etc. are stored for 24 hours.

6. Your rights

You have a right of access pursuant to Article 8 DPA (Article 15 GDPR), a right of rectification where the information we hold about you is inaccurate pursuant to Article 5 DPA (Article 16 GDPR), a right to request that your Personal Data be erased according to Article 5 LPD (Article 17 GDPR) or to restrict the use of your personal information pursuant to Articles 12, 13, 15 DPA (article 18 GDPR), a right to object to the processing of Personal Data pursuant to Article 4 DPA (article 21 GDPR) and, where applicable, data portability according to Article 20 GDPR. You may also submit a complaint with the competent data protection authority if you have any concerns (Article 77 GDPR).

If you have a question or request, please send us an email at the following address :

You may withdraw your consent at any time. Please note that such withdrawal shall only apply for future collecting/processing of your Personal Data and does not impact the collecting/processing which occurred in the past. . Please note that Loyco may nevertheless process your Personal Data in presence of legal obligations or an overriding interest of Loyco, including exercising its legal rights. Withdrawing your consent may lead to the end of the business relationship with Loyco.

7. Miscellaneous

Please inform us as soon as possible if any of your Personal Data changes (including your correspondence details). Failure to provide accurate information or to update information when it changes may have a detrimental impact upon our ability to provide our services.

You are liable for the accuracy and extensiveness of the data transferred to Loyco and for providing updates should your Personal Data change.

Loyco cannot be held responsible for any situation that may arise due to us having any inaccurate, incomplete, inauthentic or otherwise deficient personal data that you or a third party has provided to us.

This Privacy Policy may be amended at any time. Loyco shall inform you of any such amendments.