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30 May, 2022

This week, Swiss CEOs and Board members gathered in Davos during the World Economic Forum to launch a new alliance which aims to accelerate the delivery of UN’s agenda 2030. This alliance: the Swiss Boards for Agenda 2030 – SBA2030 would be made up of companies who commit to a high level of board accountability in order to drive sustainability. As a company that sheds light on its sustainability commitments, we proudly join them in their quest to saving humanity. Our co-founder, Christophe Barman, and our administrator, Cédric Juillerat, had the honour of attending this mesmerising event during the World Economic Forum.


SBA2030 objectives

CEOs and boards play a central role in providing lasting solutions to the social and environmental challenges we face. The purpose of the SBA2030is to create an alliance of truly committed companies who make sustainability a Board priority. By working with other CEOs, business leaders and policymakers who are ready to deliver the SDG Agenda 2030, SBA2030 members can multiply their impact and together create the 21st century market infrastructure needed to deliver this change.


The first 21 signatories

The first signatories of the Alliance were unveiled at the House of Switzerland during an exclusive event on the role of Boards in driving sustainability, during the World Economic Forum. We were all represented by our CEOs or by a Board member. We are now looking forward to joining forces with numerous other companies such as Banque Alternative Suisse SAEcorobotixEBPEthosFarmyFreitagInternational Institute for Management Development (IMD)LIIPL’OccitaneLosinger MarazziMKS PAMP SANaef ImmobilierPiguet Galland & CIE SARoche HoldingGroupe SerbecoSouth PoleSwissroc GroupUMEO SAVillars Maître Chocolatier SAWeleda AG and Loyco.

André Hoffmann, Co-Initiator of the Alliance, explains: “The founding members of this alliance made the choice to move from competition to collaboration. They are leading Swiss businesses in their industries, diverse in size, sector and sustainability maturity, but they all share one desire: to place sustainability at the heart of their strategy and board agenda. We aim to onboard 50 like-minded Swiss companies by the end of 2022”.


Our 4 commitments

We, as allies, aim to speed up the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) via four significant commitments:

  1. Train their boards to better understand sustainability – risk & opportunity;
  2. Extend fiduciary duties in company by-laws to enhance social and environmental responsibility and consider the impact on all stakeholders;
  3. Identify the priority Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for their businesses and commit to contribute to them through the Swiss Triple Impact program.
  4. Attend an annual SBA2030 roundtable with Boards and CEOs who have joined thealliance to foster collaboration and the exchange of good practices.

Jonathan NormandCo-Initiator of the Alliance, says: “It is with great pride that we are launching in Davos today with the 21 first signatories, the SBA2030 Alliance. In this time of anxiety and alarming statistics, this alliance has come together to inspire, unite, accelerate change, and celebrate the courage of those who decide to contribute to the sustainable, desirable, and inclusive future to which we aspire.”


About SBA2030

The SBA2030 is an initiative pioneered by Jonathan Normand, Founder and CEO of B Lab Switzerland, andAndré Hoffmann, Vice-Chairman of Roche and Co-Founder of InTent. The Alliance will be coordinated by B Lab Switzerland under the patronage of the B Lab Switzerland Business Council Committee.

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