Accounting management

We efficiently manage your accounting to reduce your organisation’s administrative and financial workload.

What we do specifically

We manage all flows associated with your accounting, we offer real time reporting and comply with the various legal requirements.

We put an accounting plan in place
We define working procedures
We keep the financial accounting up to date
We manage creditors and debtors
If needed we can provide you with an integrated billing tool
We manage payments
We prepare VAT returns and annual VAT reconciliation
We provide intermediate closing accounts
We manage the treasury
We draw up budgets
We manage annual account closings and establishment of statutory financial statements according to the Swiss code of obligations

Get efficient IT solutions

We use and propose integrated IT solutions to automate processes
and consult indicators and documents in real time.

Online consultation of your accounting – Loyapps Finance

We offer a secure on line solution to consult at all times
your accounts, accounting and accounting documents at all times.

Follow your accounting in real time

Loyapps Finance allows you to access your accounting system and check the status of your accounts in real time, and to view your accounting documents associated with each entry.

Analyse your suppliers and debtors

Loyapps Finance allows you to consult and analyse your supplier accounts and to follow up on all issued invoices and their status.

Check the trends in your cash flow

Loyapps Finance enables you to view changes in all your accounts by fiscal year and to access details of daily movements.

Management of invoice approval – Flox

We offer an intuitive online solution for invoice approval and automatic allocation into your accounting system.

Consult and validate your invoices from anywhere

The secure online interface of Flox allows you to easily consult your invoices and validate them with two clicks for automatic processing in the accounting system.

Automatically manage accounting allocation

No need to worry about allocation in your accounting plan – Flox automatically handles the breakdown of invoices in your accounting system.

Adapt the validation process to the organisation

Flox adapts to your organisation’s invoice validation process in order to facilitate its integration and limit the impact on your organisation.

Management of expense claims

We offer a mobile solution for easy input of expense claims with or without validation process
and direct allocation in the accounting system for reconciliation and reimbursement.

Input your expense claims in a matter of seconds

Our mobile solution offers an intuitive interface facilitating the input of expense claims and their allocation into the accounting system.

Reconcile credit card expenses

Goodbye to time-consuming reconciliations – our application analyses and identifies expenses charged to credit cards and compares them with expense claims for easy processing.

Automatic reimbursement of expense claims

With security and confidentiality always in mind, we offer an effective file sharing tool. A kind of Loyco-style “dropbox”.

The little extras : Customised communication tools.

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