Our partnerships

As a liberated and committed business our prime objective is to positively impact our community. That’s why we associate ourselves with causes that make sense and that are in accordance with our values.

A positive impact

Through our various partnerships and commitments, we wish to make a positive contribution to society by supporting environmental and social associations, high-level athletes and local events.

Hope for the future

And since we firmly believe in collective intelligence as a way of achieving common objectives, we hope our actions will convey our passions, our determination to create connections, as well as our respect for human beings and the environment.

Our fearless ambassadors

Above all, sport represents moments of sharing and joy that remain with us for life. Loyco wishes to preserve those special moments, which bring out the best in each one of us, by helping Swiss high-level athletes to fulfil their dreams.

We’re proud to support two ambitious women athletes who work hard every day to reach their objectives.

Sarah Höfflin

Sarah Höfflin is a Swiss freestyle skier.

This young athlete won the gold medal for slopestyle in the 2018 Winter Olympics and has won several medals in Winter X Games.

Déborah Chiarello

Déborah Chiarello is our Swiss ski mountaineering athlete.

She won the Patrouile de Glaciers in 2019 and came third in the 2019 World Championships.

The businesses of tomorrow

As a B Corp organisation, one of our objectives is to support entrepreneurial projects to promote a sustainable economy for the future.


The IDDEA prize, ideas of sustainable development for future companies, launched by the Junior International Chamber of Geneva, promotes sustainable entrepreneurship.

Loyco has supported this award since its creation and each year encourages entrepreneurs to develop their projects for a sustainable future. Find out more


The mission of this non-profit association is to help entrepreneurs in French-speaking Switzerland to create innovative companies and find responsible solutions for tomorrow’s society.

By sponsoring this association, we aim to contribute to the renewal of our economy.

Causes close to our heart

Creating associations with key partners to contribute to and encourage a more inclusive society is part of Loyco’s DNA.

Demain Genève

Launched in 2016, the purpose of this association is to promote sustainable initiatives in the area and to encourage Geneva inhabitants to build a better future.

We are partners in this initiative, because we all need to mobilise for the ecological and human transition of our area.

Action Margaux

It was a rich life experience that led us to establish this association with several partners.

ACTION MARGAUX is a platform to help people with cancer maintain a link with their professional lives. Together, let’s break the cancer taboo in the workplace!

Events to enthrall you

By gathering at local events we experience emotional moments with our partners and our Loycomates.

Caribana Festival

The Caribana has been an essential event for Loyco for many years!

A human size festival with world-renowned artists, we love it !

Matterhorn Ultraks

The Matterhorn Ultraks competition combines two sporting disciplines: ski mountaineering and trail running.

During this event, we offer the Corporate Relay by Loyco, a trail reserved for companies.

This relay is divided into three parts, so runners from one same organisation can participate.

La Foire du Valais

We are pleased to participate in this event which takes place every year in October.

The Foire du valais brings together all the traditions of the Valais, both in terms of activities and delicacies, for our greatest pleasure.

Titzé Race

This sporting event is an athletics race that takes place every year in December in Sion. This popular event was created in 1969 and is today one of the oldest city running races in Switzerland.

We are proud of the opportunity to be part of the main partners of this cultural event.

Lausanne 2020

We are committed to being an official supplier of the 2020 Youth Olympic Games. We were dedicated to supporting this exceptional event that values commitment of the youth and promotes the development of our region.

We also strongly identify with the Olympic values: respect, friendship, and excellence, that we share at Loyco. Respect for others is our guideline, collective intelligence our credo and excellence a goal to always reach further.

We thank the 2020 YOG for trusting us!

A community to exchange

We are also members of these organisations:

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