Administration and management of companies

We offer full support to reduce the administrative burden whilst ensuring an optimal and durable business management process.

What we do specifically

Whatever the life cycle of your business, we manage all administrative flows associated with its management and ensure the timely transmission of appropriate and correct information to all stakeholders.

Company creation

We accompany you in the choice of a legal form.
We coordinate procedures necessary for the creation of your company with the various partners (bank, notary, lawyer, Trade Register, etc.).
We help you draw up budgets.
We handle various registration procedures (OASI, withholding tax, pension funds)

Management and administration of companies

We produce the legal documents.
We follow up with the trade register
We provide a member of senior management (director, senior manager, manager, etc.).
We help you draw up budgets.
We analyse administrative management processes.
We manage your accounting and your tax affairs.
We provide dashboards.

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