The Cyber Risk Clinic opens its doors

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1 Jun, 2022

In collaboration with “, we have designeda global solution to help organisations address cyber risks. Thanks to “Training”, “Analysis” or “Protection”, “Crisis Management and“Insurance”packages, the Cyber Risk Clinic offers comprehensive and unique support.

Cyberattacks are now commonplace and a coherent cyber risk management strategy is now essential for the sustainability of organisations. This is why Loyco went into partnership with “” to set up the Cyber Risk Clinic. The collaboration with this French-speaking platform, which provides companies with experts in more than thirty digital practices, has made it possible to develop a global cyber risk management offer which takes into account all the dimensions of this issue.

A comprehensive cyber risk tool

“We are delighted to collaborate with Loyco on this relevant solution which meets the expectations of our respective clients who are often overwhelmed and at a loss when it comes to all these cybersecurity issues”, explains Lionel Ducommun, development accelerator at

“As insurance specialists, we know full well that insuring your organisation against cyber risks is often far too expensive or simply impossible – some insurance companies even refuse when they consider the risk too high”, explains Christophe Barman, co-founder of Loyco. “Furthermore, from a risk management point of view, insurance is only part of the problem. This is why it seemed essential to us that a complete cyber risk management tool be made available to organisations, and in particular to our clients who want to protect themselves effectively.”

Four solutions for wide-ranging protection

Four packages are offered by the Cyber Risk Clinic:

1. Training

This pack provides personalised content as well as holding seminars in small groups for all your employees. The presentations are illustrated with concrete examples and practical advice to protect yourself and understand the key points of cybercrime prevention.

2. Protection

The first step of this package is a diagnosis of your company and your employees. Support, advice on the tools available and assistance in setting them up are also offered, in addition to the implementation of a legal action plan, monitoring and regular reviews.

3. Crisis management

The crisis management pack offers a valuable and unique service, namely the deployment of a full team of experts to quickly come to your aid in the event of a cyberattack. Experts and technicians in cybersecurity and insurance, communication agency and legal firm, all gathered around a single point of contact to best manage the first 72 hours of the crisis and beyond.

4. Insurance

The insurance complements your protection concept in order to mitigate the financial consequences of a cyberattack. This package consists of the presentation of insurable risks and support for defining your risk transfer strategy.

More information

Does your company want to protect itself effectively against cyberattacks? Visit the Cyber Risk Clinic website.


The Cyber Risk Clinic

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