Personnel risk management

We offer advice and powerful analysis tools to implement
and monitor in real time the appropriate measures to deal with personnel risks.

What we do specifically

We offer services and tools to ensure that you understand and manage the risks associated with your employees.

We analyse risks related to human resources.

We analyse the financial consequences of accidents and illnesses.

We optimise and automate absence management processes.

We optimise financing measures of risks (retention, transfer, hybrids)

We implement and monitor HR risk indicators.

Get efficient IT solutions

We offer a proven risk management tool with an advanced level of functionality.

Risk management – Risk mastering

We offer an intuitive and effective solution to document and facilitate your risk management and dashboards in real time.

Calculate risk levels and keep a time log.

Risk Mastering allows you to enter all risks your organisation is exposed to, define treatment measures and analyse their evolution over time.

Automate monitoring of control actions

According to treatment measures defined, Risk Mastering notifies heads of risks of control actions to be performed and documents them directly in the application.

Have interactive graphs and risk reports

Risk Mastering presents various interactive graphs to facilitate your analysis and allow you to generate risk reports to meet relevant legal requirements.

Get communication tools to facilitate internal buy-in.

Our marketing team provides various communication materials
to facilitate communication and maximise its impact on the concerned audience.

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