Organisation and management of public procurement in the field of insurance

We offer a “turnkey” service for the management of public procurement tenders in the specific field of insurance contracts

What we do specifically

We analyse the contracts to be put out to tender (wording and claims)
We ensure the legal compliance of the entire tender process.
We analyse your needs and determine the type of procedure to adopt (open procedure, selective procedure or by invitation, exceptional mutual agreement) according to the relevant thresholds.
We draw up the entire tender dossier (administrative conditions, specifications, insurance conditions).
We include in the specifications the most favourable elements identified on the market, in order to obtain an optimal scope of coverage.
We manage the publication on and help you follow up on questions from bidders.
We open the tenders (checking the admissibility of the offers, drafting of the opening minutes).
We support you in the evaluation procedure and establish the comparative/multi-criteria table of the offers received.
We support you with the notification and publication of the award decision.
We verify the contractual insurance documents (proposal and policy), in accordance with the specifications

Get efficient IT solutions

Optimised forms based on best practices

Innovative, transparent and rigorous rating methods

Complete mastery of the SIMAP.CH platform as an organiser