Property and wealth insurance management

As an insurance broker, we offer you the implementation of a solution for the management of property, technical and liability insurance adapted to your needs in order to protect your assets and guarantee the continuity of your activity.

Property, technical and patrimonial insurance: what we do concretely

Whatever the nature of your real estate (furniture/property) and your business,
we analyse and implement your specific insurance coverage.

We identify and analyse your risks and needs.

We seek suitable coverage in line with our risk analysis or “Risk Equalizer”

We submit bids with leading insurance companies on the market and look for coverage to fit your specific needs.
We present the results and comparisons and help you implement solutions.

We manage the administrative tasks and provide regular monitoring in line with the development of your business.

We manage the follow-up of claims and intervene in the management process in coordination with the insurers.

Get efficient IT solutions

We offer online tools to check your insurance coverage, premium movements and deadlines.

Online consultation of your insurance portfolio – Loyapps Insurance

We provide a secure online solution to consult your insurance policies and follow up on your claims at all times.

View your insurance portfolio

Loyapps Insurance allows you to consult your list of insurance policies, deadlines and premium details at a glance.

Follow up on your claims

Loyapps allows you to securely consult the history of accidents associated with your insurance policies and to follow-up.

Digitalise your insurance documents

Goodbye to piles of paper, Loyapps Insurance allows you to store, consult and download your insurance documents and policies online at any time.

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